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Amazon Best Seller

"Transform your job search,
Transform your life."

About the Book

Life is in constant flux. One day you are employed, the next day you are in chaos, crisis, and traumatized. The future suddenly feels threatening, and you don't know where you career is headed. In the midst of confusion, NOW is the perfect time for you to discover your ideal job, next career or business.
If you are unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed, these uncertain, unprecedented times offer you a chance to evolve and grow, attract new opportunities and achieve peak potential. Find the fulfilling career that is meant for you - don't settle for a mediocre job or career because you need the salary, think you're untrained for something else or you're too old.
Discover and pursue what you truly want to do. Based on twenty-five years of successfully helping people manage career transition, this book has emerged at exactly the right moment. It is a proven step-by-step guide to helping organizations and individuals see lifework challenges as a gift; a time to re-envision, redesign and recreate your career.


Transform Your Job Search is intended to help anyone settling or navigating transitions in their lifework.
Whether you are unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed, it is time to re-
envision, redesign and recreate your lifework.
Learn more about reaching your potential.

Unlock Your Potential
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